06. December 2022

Collection of the year

Collection of the year

The wine magazine and wine guide “falstaff” writes in its November issue about Schloss Johannisberg “Renaissance of a legend… Legend status can be a burden, and Schloss Johannisberg is a legend: oldest pure Riesling winery in the world (since 1720), birthplace of the late harvest (1775), historic property of personalities who are themselves legends.”
The exciting article characterizes Stefan Doktor, now in charge of Schloss Johannisberg, as a doer and a master in the disciplines of sportsmanship and team building. Together with Marcel Szopa, with whom he manages the winery, and the field managers Michel Städter and cellar master Gerd Ritter, who are responsible for the cultivation and vinification, you have decisively advanced the wine quality.
“As always with a collection of the year, it is a whole bundle of qualities that must be fulfilled in an outstanding manner:
There must be qualitative peaks, reliability also at the base is required and stylistic coherence across the entire range. The current wines from Schloss Johannisberg already meet this requirement with two “Gelblack” estate Rieslings that bring the full fascination of the site and winery to the glass. The dry wines increase in minerality and phenolic from level to level up to the phenomenal Goldlack 2019, which is without question one of the ten best German Rieslings of recent years. Through it all, the Schloss Johannisberg character is always preserved; the phenolics are never harsh, but blend harmoniously into the truly noble taste pictures characterized by great aromatic potential.
Among the sweet wines, the Grünlack Spätlese is so juicy and exciting that one almost overlooks the fact that it has 89 grams of residual sugar. A true classic for decades of maturity! The Rosalack Auslese charms with its downright light elegance, and Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese are textbook examples of their predicates in how they concentrate mineral components alongside sweetness and viscosity.”


98 points 2019 Goldlack dry
98 points 2020 Blaulack Trockenbeerenauslese
97 points 2021 Purpurlack Beerenauslese
97 points 2021 Ex bibliotheca subterranea barrel 374 Auslese
96 points 2019 Ex bibliotheca subterranea dry
94+ points 2020 Silberlack GG dry
94 points 2021 Grünlack Spätlese
93 points 2021 Rosalack Auslese
92 points 2021 Bronzelack dry
92 points 2021 Rotlack Kabinett
91 points 2021 Gelblack semidry
90+ points 2021 Gelblack dry




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