Die Straße Grund im Ortsteil Johannisberg ist aufgrund von städtischen Bauarbeiten voraussichtlich bis Ende Oktober gesperrt. Sie erreichen uns aufgrund dieser Sperrung aus Rüdesheim kommend über die Umleitung via B42A Hauptstraße und K631 Schillerstraße oder über die B42 Rheinischer Sagenweg/ Goethestraße/ B42A Hauptstraße und K631 Schillerstraße . Die Umleitung ist ausgeschildert.
QUALITY LEVELS - Schloss Johannisberg

Dry wines

Off-dry to noble sweet wines

Dry wines

GELBLACK Trocken (Dry)

Distinctive well-crafted flavours of Riesling paired with the firm body of Johannisberg Schlossberg. Full of clarity, intensity and harmony.

BRONZELACK Trocken (Dry)

Riesling pure. Rich fruit and powerful taste. The utmost Riesling experience.

SILBERLACK Trocken (Dry)

Expressive. Appealing mineral flavour, with a hint of saltiness.

GOLDLACK Trocken (Dry)

Schloss Johannisberg at its best. : Riesling – grown deep in quartzite – matured in the underground treasure chamber “Bibliotheca Subterranea”. Multi-layered, concentrated with enormous potential for maturity!

Off-dry to noble sweet wines

GELBLACK Feinherb (Off-Dry)

Elegantly flavoured and juicy with discreet sweetness. Will make you want more.

ROTLACK Kabinett

Perfectly balanced! Here the sweetness, acidity and the varietal character of the Riesling go hand in hand.


Taste explosion in your mouth. Our great classic. In the portfolio of Schloss Johannisberg since 1775.


Enchantingly exotic and aromatic. Noble sweetness and minerality of the Schlossberg combined in wine.

PURPURLACK Beerenauslese

Enormous concentration, complexity and longevity. Simply seductive.


Seldom, rare and extremely valuable. Elixir from grapes frozen directly on the vine.

BLAULACK Trockenbeerenauslese

Perfection. Opulence meets vibrating acidity. A wine for eternity!